Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: 1st March 2017

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets out how Web Host Pro UK undertakes it's services.

Normal Operating Times

We work between the hours of 9am to 8pm Monday-Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sundays but can be contacted by email at at any time. Please allow us extra time to reply to emails that are received out of hours.

We aim to respond to all emails within a few hours but the response time will be longer if we receive your email in the middle of the night.

IT / Tech Support

We offer basic email and telephone support to all our clients that have an ongoing service with us, such as SEO services and maintenance agreements where we continue to help you with your website after it is built. We like to help where we can but if we get an emergency call out to your premises or for other things more complex that cannot be resolved straight away there may be a charge for our services if you choose to use them.

Our standard call out charge is £40.00 if we need to visit your premises. We may waive all or part of this charge for existing customers depending on the complexity of the problem. Further charges may also apply and this will be disclosed to you where possible before sending out a technician.

On site support is charged at £20.00 per hour starting from 30 minutes after the time our technician arrives at your premises. The minimum charged after this time is £20.00. We do not pro-rata our fees, for example if we are at your premises for 50 minutes, excluding the call out charge you will be charged for one hour as the technician was at your premises for over 30 minutes.

Website Maintenance & Support

Most of our customers opt for us to continually help & support them after we have built their websites. For those that do not have ongoing services from us and part ways after we have finished their website, we will provide support for any problems that arise from the website we have built for a maximum of 12 months, free of charge. This level of support is limited to problems that are deemed to be caused by us.

Exceptions to this are where customers may cause their website to break, either by accidental deletion of fundamental files or by negligence when updating the website with new pages and/or content. It will also be chargeable if customers ask us to make fundamental changes to page structures or design, although we will be happy to negotiate a fair price to help if you are having difficulty doing it yourself.

For customers that have ongoing services with us, such as SEO services, we are happy to continually provide support to improve your website, as long as we originally built your website. We reserve the right to ask for a fee if you decide you want something major changed that will require us to allocate further resources, i.e. major design changes to your website.

Hosting Services

We recommend that all customers host their domains and websites with us as it allows us to maintain a reliable level of service. We cannot be held responsible or help customers with downtimes that are due to their third party hosting provider having server issues. Customers will have to contact their own web/email hosts if there are subsequent problems with the service they are receiving. If there are serious issues customers can appoint us as a representive to act on their behalf in order to help get server issues resolved as quickly as possible. We may charge a fee for this.

We recommend all customers purchase back up services as part of their hosting package. Although we keep backups of all websites hosted on our servers in case the unlikely happens and our own servers fail and have to move a website to a different server we cannot be held responsible for data loss if you do not have a back up service plan with us. Our servers have multiple redundancies to prevent unplanned server shutdown but please note that the unexpected can happen with all electronic equipment. If an unsheduled shutdown should occur we will prioritise our resources to get the server back up and running as soon as possible. If there is any major issue that cannot be resolved within 24 hours we will inform you at the earliest opportunity. Please note that any websites we have created that are hosted externally from Web Host Pro UK Servers and are not continually updated by us, will not have up to date website files stored on our servers and we cannot be held responsible for any data loss as a result.


In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the services we have provided to you please contact us and we will be happy to rectify this straight away.